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Property Management Services

The specific focus of our services is to stabilize or reduce operational costs, while increasing the cash flow to, and the value of, your property. The desired effect is achieved by making all elements work together as a cohesive unit, thus effectively maintaining the property as a community standard.

The Natoma Company and properties managed utilize the state of the art Rent Manager software system, which assures accuracy and efficiency. Financial statements are prepared for owners by the 10th of each month and will keep you apprised of the financial status of your project. The statements will show all income, expenses, and activity of your project.

Services provided by The Natoma Company — Property Management Services include the following:

Monitoring of Onsite and Conditions Within Property

This is insured by weekly visits (more often is necessary) to the property and inspections and evaluations of the property and staff.

Establishing Continuing Maintenance Programs

This, along with preventative maintenance programs, is utilized to ensure that the property is kept in top physical condition and provides aesthetic appeal, thus protecting the value of your investment.

Vendor Management

All vendors used on the properties we manage are pre-screened by executive staff members. Once approved, their liability and worker's compensation insurance is monitored closely to ensure that their coverage is kept current.


When and if necessary, complete or partial structural renovations will be performed by outside contractors and will be coordinated and overseen by The Natoma Company. Tenant population rehabilitation can also be implemented.

Relationship with Residents

This is important in order to reduce turnover, gain optimum rents, instill pride in and respect for the property, and provide the finest quality service.

Personnel Management

On-site personnel are selected, trained, and supervised in a manner designed to provide the highest quality of performance obtainable. Continuing education is encouraged and professionalism is expected at all times from all of the personnel.

Negotiate Service Contracts

Continuing efforts are made to reduce the costs, but not the quality of the services required to maintain, and/or improve your property. We utilize applicable discounts and wholesale purchasing power to reduce cost while maintaining a high quality of service.

Capital Improvements

Obtaining bids for roofs, renovations, major repairs and replacements of Capital items.

Establishing a Marketing Plan

By keeping in tune with the preferences of the target markets, your goals and the maximum rental scale and occupancy for the complex are achieved. Detailed weekly traffic reports are collected and reviewed, and market surveys are performed continuously to keep competitive in the marketplace.

Increase Rents as Aggressively as the Market Permits

This provides an increase of cash flow to accommodate rising expenses and will allow properties to produce additional income for cash disbursements to the owner.

Our property visits include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Inspection of vacant units
2. Checking files and applications
3. Traffic reports and guest cards
4. Inspection of grounds
5. Check maintenance requests completed and uncompleted
6. Inspection of pool and laundry facilities

Air conditioner filters and smoke detectors are generally checked quarterly, and unit inspections done on an annual basis. Safety inspections are conducted on a monthly basis.

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Prospective Clients

The Natoma Company — Property Management Services specializes in managing multifamily apartment communities and mixed use asset management. As experienced professionals in the Property Management industry, we realize that your property is a valuable investment, and we treat it as such. The Natoma Company utilizes sophisticated management techniques, high standards, and flexibility to tailor our services to meet the goals of our clients. We offer hands-on personal service and expertise in the industry to achieve the highest potential for your property. Our specific focus is to increase your property value and net income. We have always believed in maintaining the highest level of integrity. We are committed to providing unsurpassed property management services to both our clients and residents.

What our clients can expect:

  • Complete professional property management services
  • Frequent property site visits
  • Aggressive leasing/marketing services with local market expertise
  • Tenant retention and screening to ensure qualified tenants
  • Rent collections and online rent payments
  • Personalized marketing plans to fill vacancies
  • Hiring, training and supervision of all onsite staff 
  • Online account for owners/tenants to access a variety of services 
  • Full service accurate accounting, including payroll administration 
  • Monthly profit & loss reports 
  • Preparation of annual budgets and monthly variance reports 
  • Complete proactive and preventative maintenance and repair services 
  • Property renovation 
  • Established health and safety practices and risk management 
  • Assistance with refinancing properties to increase income 
  • Resident evictions 
  • Negotiation and monitoring of service contracts and vendor pricing 
  • Licensed Property Managers who are professional, knowledgeable, and courteous 
  • Handling of city and county inspections, and code enforcement compliance 
  • Insurance bidding annually and handling of any claims 
  • Overall trustworthy, professional, and reliable service 

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